Big data, Hadoop and Exadata

Attended an interesting session on Big Data Hadoop and Exadata space.

Some highlights of what Oracle is bringing in this space.

What is Big Data?

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Oracle NoSql Database

Interesting announcement at Oracle Openworld 2011 today.

Oracle bringing its own NoSql database. Although its based on existing BerklyDB it shows that Oracle wants to get into fast growing Big Data market.

Here is a nice white paper on Oracle website:

More to come on this.

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Oracle Openworld 2011

This year I will be there at Oracle Openworld. One of my colleague Robert Dawson will be presenting on “Oracle Exadata at OppenheimerFunds: Adoption Roadblocks and Strategies to Avoid Them”.

In 2009, as part of its server replacement strategy, it chose Oracle Exadata as the hardware platform it felt gave the best value to its business users. Throughout 2010 and 2011, it successfully implemented Oracle Exadata for its largest data warehouse and its environment of Oracle’s Siebel applications. Bumps in the road are expected, but roadblocks can stall and derail your project, extending the time it takes to get value from new technology. The company ran into five significant roadblocks—working in a silo, trying to build a better mousetrap, denial, fear, and role clarity—which this presentation details.

Rob is a great speaker and I recommend this session to everyone who is planning an Exadata implementation.


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Loading and unloading files using Oracle Database

Problem :I need to store files in my Oracle database. When requested the files need to be unloaded to a server in their original format.

For storing files (gif/pdf/doc/jpg) a BLOB data type will be used.

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Exadata HCC – Case Study Presentation for Exadata SIG

My presentation at Exadata SIG Webcast on May 4, 2011

Exadata – A real life implementation for Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC)

For Presentation use the following link

Exadata HCC – Case Study – Presentation at Exadata SIG

Thanks for all who attended the webcast.

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Exadata Related Dictionary Tables

In this post I want to share the Dictionary tables related to Exadata or have columns that I have been using to show information related to Exadata.
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Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression – Case Study

Couple of days back I had to come up with a strategy to use Hybrid Columnar Compression(HCC) on a Exadata database. HCC is a new method that organizes data in a data block and uses best of Row and columnar compression. This approach helps to save storage space by compressing the data without significantly impacting the query performance.

In this post we will look at what are the options available and the approach to use it with a case study involving table partitions/subpartitions. Continue reading

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