Big data, Hadoop and Exadata

Attended an interesting session on Big Data Hadoop and Exadata space.

Some highlights of what Oracle is bringing in this space.

What is Big Data?

Data that is:-

  • High Volume – Log files, tweets, social media feeds
  • High Variety – Database approach has never been applied to some of the type of data. No structure around the data. Geospatial, 3-D, Maps, XML, Video, Medical Images, Graphs, Networks
  • High Velocity – Data is being generated at a tremendous pace. Logs generated every second/minute.
  • High Value

Oracles solution to handle Big Data is to use Big Data Appliance.

Some configuration highlights

Software –

  • Open Source Distribution of Apache Hadoop – Via Apache Hadoop
  • Oracle NoSQL database EE – A distributed key-value store
  • ODI application adapter for Hadoop
  • Oracle Loader for Hadoop


  • 18 Sun X4270 M2 servers
  • 48 GB memory per node = 864 GB memoery
  • 12 Intel cores per node = 216 cores
  • 24 TB storage per node = 432 TB storage
  • 40 Gb/sec Infiniband
  • 10 Gb/sec Ethernet

Unstructured Data can come from many sources and processed by Hadoop Server and using Oracle Loader for Hadoop can be loaded into Exadata

Oracle Loader for Hadoop:

  • High performance loader to load data from Hadoop into Oracle
  • Partition, sort and transform data into Oracle ready format (Offline or online)
  • Load transformed data into Oracle
  • Infiniband between Big Data Appliance and Exadata

About Diwakar Kasibhotla

Oracle Database Tuning, VLDB designing, ETL/BI architect, Data Modelling, Exadata Architect.
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3 Responses to Big data, Hadoop and Exadata

  1. A says:

    I’ve just known from you that Oracle has a NoSQL solution.

  2. Yogesh L Patil says:

    Its really good, do you have wihite papers on this?

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